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Speckle Park have a number of traits which make them very desirable to breeders.


  • Ease of Calving 

  • Naturally polled

  • Strong Maternal Instinct

  • Calm Temperment 

  • Vigorous Calves 

  • Hardy 

  • Feed Efficiency

  • Distinctive Color Pattern 



About Speckle Park



About Speckle Park



Easing Calving 

Speckle Park are renouned for their ease of calving and rarly experience difficulty. They weigh about 35-40kg at birth and these smaller weights make them ideal for maiden heifers.


Naturally Polled 

Speckle Park are a naturally polled breed which saves time and labour for owners and more importantly stress on both man and animal.


Strong Maternal Instinct

Speckle Park have a very strong maternal instinct but are not over protective against farmers. They have well attached tight udders with a great supply of think milk. They also have coloured teats which is an advantage to severe weather conditions.


Calm Tempermant 

Speckle Park have an extremly quite temperment which makes a joy to work with. This calmness along with their smaller size make them very managable with accident involving Speckle Park almost unheard of.

Vigorous Calves

Speckle Park cows will rarly experience calving difficulity. Most new borns will be up and sucking withen minutes, weighing on average 35-40Kg at birth. This calve size and ease of calving make Speckle park a wise chice to be used on Maiden Heifers.

Commercial cattle breeders have noted the hybrid vigor displayed when crossing with other breeds.


Speckle Park are an extremly hardy breed. Having being developed in Canada, they are well used to extremly cold winters and hot summers. They develop a thick coat for the harsh winter and with the black poits on the eyes, ears, nose and feet lead them to have few health problems with pink eye foot rot seldom experienced.

Feed Efficiency 

Speckle Park are very efficient feed converters and can be finished directly off grass. Their thick winter coat allows them graze longer instead of looking for shelter and their moderate size (average mature cows 600Kg, average mature bulls 1000Kg, average wean weight 250Kg) contributes to efficient use of feed.

Distinctive Color Pattern 

Speckle Park distincive color pattern really make them stand out from the rest. There are 3 distintive patterns The Classic, The Leopard, The Pointed White. They can occanasionly come in Solid Black which is a throw back to their Angus heritage but are still Pure Bred Spcekle Park.

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