About Speckle Park


"A Balanced Breed with a Color Bonus"

What Are Speckle Park? 

Speckle Park are a Breed of cattle Developed in Canada in the 1960s but with the Canadian Speckle Park Breeders Association being Established in 1985.


They are a combination of genetics of three breeds from England & Scotland.


  • Teeswater Shorthorn

  • Aberdeen Angus 

  • English Cattle with the White Park Pattern

Introduction to Ireland? 

The First Speckle Park cattle introduced to Ireland was done by the importation of 100 Embryos from Canada in 2007 adn the establishment of the Irish Speckle Park Cattle Society. A further 108 Embryos were imported in 2008 and the Irish Speckle Park Herd has grown from there.




Irish Speckle Park Cattle Society

C/o Pat Morrison




Co. Mayo


T: 087 9272049



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